Use a 12-Month Lawn and Property Maintenance Calendar to Manage your Outdoor Living Space

Consult our handy monthly lawn care calendar to develop a maintenance schedule for a healthy, beautiful lawn and landscape year-round.

January & February

Replanting those overgrown house plants is a good project to complete while the snow keeps falling. Gently wash off the leaves or mist lightly to wash off any dust that has settled. While dusting, check for any insects that may have nestled in for the winter and treat accordingly.


The snow is melting, the weather is warmer, and your lawn is beginning to green up. By tackling those spring clean-up projects now, you will not inhibit grass and perennial plantings' growth from heavy leaf cover, branches and other debris. Fertilizing your lawn with a pre-emergent will help speed up this process and give you a head start on a healthy, green lawn while preventing the germination of summer annual weeds. You also might want to consider an aeration if you haven’t done so within the past couple of years.


You’ve heard the phrase “April showers bring May flowers.” This wet sunshine, along with warming temperatures, will accelerate plant growth. Now is the time to really begin mowing and maintaining your lawn to start it off on the right foot for the rest of the season. This is also the time to consider your perennial gardens. Do they need a new design? How about converting that eye-sore section into a garden for the children? Or adding a walkway, patio, pavestone designs, or installing that in-ground pool or hot tub? Check out our portfolio for some inspiration.


May is a great month for growth. As the temperatures continue to rise, the flowers bloom and your lawn continues to grow and green! Watering should be more frequent this month. Also, May is a great month to help prevent summer annual weeds, so now is the time to apply a second application of a pre-emergent herbicide, post crab grass/weed control and good quality mulch in all beds with dark pine or alternative types. By edging all planting and flower beds and weeding, you will not only retain the necessary moisture needed for these early spring blooms, but beautify the look and be the envy of your neighbors. Don’t overlook the entrance of your driveway, front, back or garage doors, porch, patio or barren areas. Add tall, distinctive urns, baskets, or flower boxes! These can be changed out each season, providing color and seasonally appropriate beauty. You might also consider custom-built flower boxes below your windows to enhance the front of your home with class and sophistication.


As summer makes its way, say good-bye to those cold nights and hello to warm evenings on a nice, green lawn. With the warmer weather, you will need to water and mow your lawn properly to help prevent drought and new weed growth. These habits will be important throughout the rest of the summer to help keep your lawn looking the way you want it to. You can also increase the shade by planting trees or shrubs. The selection is endless with all shapes, heights, sizes. Our handy watering tips will help ensure that your yard maintains its lustrous appearance.


While moving into one of the hottest months of the year, your sprinkler and irrigation system maintenance is imperative. By watering unevenly, you will see sporadic brown spots in your lawn resulting from drought. July is also approaching peak weed season for summer-annual weeds. Be sure to mow high and get a spray in to help control these tenacious plants.


August is one of the hottest months of the year. We’re now entering the peak weed season for summer-annual weeds. To help control existing weeds and help prevent new weeds, be sure to mow high, water deeply, evenly, and as needed, and apply a herbicide application.


With cooling temperatures, September is a great time of year to plant a new lawn or over-seed. When seeding, try planting before the 15th to give your lawn sufficient time to reach maturity before winter sets in. Aerating your lawn will assist in the planting process. Another consideration, while not embraced by all, is considering your snow plowing options. In New England, while the date of the first snow fall is never certain, snow is always in the mix. Don't procrastinate! Contact us to get on our snow plowing schedule and leave the work to us.


October brings a beautiful array of leaf colors to your trees, which ultimately will find your lawn. It is important to keep your lawn free of leaves which could result in suffocation of your lawn by cutting off the necessary oxygen for the plants to survive. Apply organic-based fertilization, along with selective weed, and insect controls. Plant those spring time bulbs.

November & December

November is finally time to put the mower away and apply a fertilizer with a heavy premium feeding to ensure your lawn comes out of the winter strong. Also, make sure that your trees and shrubs are pruned and that your lawn and landscape beds are void from leaves. This will not only enhance the look of your outdoors all winter long, but most importantly give your lawn its best chance to survive the harsh winter climate. Once December rolls around, it's time to unpack those outdoor holiday lights / decorations and order your premier trees and wreaths for delivery.