Drainage is a very important aspect when protecting your home from water damage especially finished basements it is imperative that good drainage system is properly installed.

A dry well system in catching all the roof water from gutter and downs spouts will not only protect it
It will also help lawn and landscape areas from flooding. In our experience a typically 1 " rain storm on you average colonel house can have over 2000 gal of water drain off the roof and it needs to go some were.

We typical like to build them to handle twice that amount. By excavating a 6x6x5' hole and removing all the soil and back filling with 3/4stone. We also keep in mind soil conditions and a safe distance away from your home to drain water into.

Example One

This is an example of a drainage system in Wellesley that was 3 years old and compromised. The contractor who installed the addition did not install any dry wells and installed corrugated pipe that became compromised.

On top of that they installed a pipe in side the window wells to catch the water that drained out to the yard 4' in the ground and the water had no were to go except into the finished basement. You can see by the photographs. Plus lawn area was pitch toward the house.

We came in and installed two drywells and catch basin in front of the windows to catch all the surface water and a catch basin in front of patio. We also redirected the roof water out to the front yard into another dry well. We used sch20 pipe.

Needless to say they never had water in the basement ever again. And the insurance company also happy as well. It all came down to understanding the problem, identifying the needs on what material to use and how best it is to install them. Always making sure the customer is happy.

Example Two

We installed this drywall collection system in a back yard in Wellesley in which the back yard was a fish bowl. All the rain water was draining into the back yard. In which they could not use for days because of the poor drainage in the soil which was all clay and killed off most of the back yard. We installed a drain system which collected all the roof water and. Instead of using the black corrugated pipe like most contractor use t o run the lines in which over time will crush and be come clogged. We seen this time and again.

We like to use solid sch 20 And somethimes we will go to sch 40 depending on soil conditions This way the solid pipe doesn't crush and if it did clog you can roto rotter it. We leveled off there back yard with the proper soil/loamand installed 10000 sq ft of a new sodded lawn
2 years later no water issues and the lawn is still beautiful. The best part is they can use when it is raining out!